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Call-Center Staffing

IFB Solutions Workforce Services connects government and commercial companies with a skilled, flexible, workforce for customer service, data collection and analysis, sales and more.

IFB strives to be America’s leader in building life-changing opportunities for people who are blind through its mission of creating employment opportunities for this critically underemployed population. IFB’s guiding principles focus on creating upwardly mobile career paths, and many of our employees in the Workforce Services division have grown into their roles by taking advantage of training and upskilling opportunities available at IFB and in their communities.

Our employees want to work.

They don’t take opportunities like this for granted, and consistently represent the lowest turn-over, highest QA scores, and best performance out of any sighted peer group.

If this sounds like a good fit for your organization’s call center and customer service needs, let’s talk:

Shannon Satterfield, Director of Professional Services

336-618-0115 |

Image of call center worker who is visually impaired wearing headset

Creating Diversity

Our employees are legally blind; some have partial vision and some experience total vision loss. Technology and training bridge the gap, creating a highly productive workforce with extremely low-turnover.

We’re a practical and impactful way for organizations to make good on or expand their diversity commitments. In the process, our goal is to make your life easier and make your customers feel valued.

Reliable Workforce

Our candidates exhibit higher retention rates (lowering your training costs) and higher quality call center interactions. Calls are resolved quickly with higher rates of customer satisfaction, deepening customer relationships and allowing you to focus on your organization’s growth.

We Hire and Train

• All of our candidates are recommended based on professional experience in your industry
• IFB Solutions trains candidates to work within your organization’s infrastructure
• IFB Solutions provides continued technical support for assistive devices

Getting Started

We start by learning how can we support your business goals; let us know what you need to help you care for your customers. We will discuss what is needed for integrating assistive technology with your systems, the scope of the support needed and use what we’ve learned to draft a proposal for your review.


Putting your customers first.

Whatever your needs, our professionals are prepared to offer solutions:

  • Customer Care: candidates are positive and professional and genuinely care about your customers
  • Complaint Management: our candidates are empathetic, decisive, and experienced in customer engagement that provides a mutually beneficial solution
  • Quality Assurance: we ensure customer interactions support your business goals while improving the customer experience
  • Sales/Retention/Saves/Upsell: our candidates effectively follow scripts and quickly provide product or service solutions meeting the needs of your customers
  • Technical Support: we select candidates with industry-specific knowledge, trained to be familiar with organizational systems, policies and procedures


Meeting you where the need is.

We offer solutions specific to your organization:

  • Flexible and scalable staffing
  • Full-time and part-time schedules
  • Industry-specific candidates
  • Seasonal support
  • On-site or remote training


Industry Experience

We have qualified candidates with a wide range of experience in the following industries:

  • BPO
  • Consumer Products
  • Financial and Industrial Services
  • Healthcare Technology
Image of woman who is blind holding cane

The Power of Employment

Imagine you wake up one morning and you can’t see like you did the day before. You would probably be frightened, unsure of how to move forward in your life. As a person who is visually impaired you would face new challenges: how to navigate new spaces, how to get to the store, how to know how much money is in your wallet. How would you earn a living?

Employment has a huge impact on your lifestyle. Without steady income, you would be dependent on others for basic necessities like food and shelter.

70% of working-age adults who are blind or visually impaired are not employed.

Let’s get started.

Connect with Shannon Satterfield, Director of Professional Services at 336-618-0115 or


Looking for a job?

If you’re someone who identifies as blind or visually impaired and looking for a work-at-home customer service opportunity, we’d love to get to know you. View our open positions on our Paycom Applicant Portal here.

Even if you’re just exploring career opportunities and want to talk through the possibilities, give our recruitment team a call:

Brent Burkholder at 336-245-5611 or